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Mad Scientist Workshop

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Mad Scientist Workshop

Potions, explosions and experiments ! 

Calling all kids who love a bit of science. A mad scientist workshop is exactly that, we have a Mad Professor at Carnival for Kids who loves science. Dressed with a crazy wig, lab coat and glasses she will take the children through not one, not two, not three but FOUR experiements to create a party with a twist. 

The children will all receive safety goggles and lab coats to wear for the party. The science workshop will take place at the start of the party followed by party food, cake then some time for ome disco dancing and party games. 

Due to the hands on nature of a science party all three staff will be hands on for the workshop, therefore face painting is not included in a Mad Scientist Workshop. If you would like to have face painting this is not a problem at all, we will arrange an extra staff member ($165) who will come just to face paint the children. 

Mad Scientist workshops are suitable for groups up to 20 children maximum.
Everyone will have their creations put into containers with their names on them to take home. 

A set price $395 for the Mad Scientist Workshop, with a maximum number of guest of 20.